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In the heart of the sun-lit Aegean Pelagos, the historical Greek Sea, Naxos being the largest and most prosperous island of the Cyclades has its own undisputable uniqueness. The island has never been “in fashion”, which is only temporary, neither was it ever widely advertised as a tourist destination and that is why it is such an extraordinary place not so much for tourists as for travelers who know how to discover the soul of a place. The land of Naxos varies from high mountains, prosperous valleys, prairies, springs, caves to beautiful beaches and cedar hills which co-exist in total harmony upon the island.

Known from Greek mythology, Naxos was linked to the marriage of Dionysus and Ariadne, which gave the island the prosperous land and the unique, famous since the ancient years, wine. It is among the few islands that have been inhabited since ancient times (approximately the end of the fourth millennium BC). Naxos carries the history of the Aegean Sea since all past eras left behind traces and unique monuments all around the island. Having gained its cosmopolitan style of a contemporary tourist resort, Naxos at the same time keeps its traditional color and culture.

Chora, the port and administration centre of the island is a modern town which provides the visitor with all services and comforts. The well-known, golden beaches of the south-west coast which spread along for kilometers, develop rapidly but still maintain a taste of the 70’s the time when they were discovered by hippies. In order to really get to know Naxos, one has to travel to the inland, discover the mountainous villages, walk the many paths which cross the island, listen to the violin and the laouto (musical instrument) in an islanders’ festival and feel the island energy.

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